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to Sanyukta's Portfolio.

I'm a Data Analyst with expertise in Business Intelligence.

I make sense of messy data so it tells us beautiful stories.

2+ Years Experience as a Data Analyst

  • Specialized in backend data transformations using the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Employed tools such as BigQuery, Dataform, and Git for seamless end-to-end project processes.

  • Proficiently ran SQL queries on Shopify/Transaction models, supporting clients Unger Fashion, Buah, Board&More, HappyGlam, and Motel A Miio

  • Designed and implemented over 100 business intelligence dashboards.

  • Transformed data from various marketing platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Klaviyo, Google Ads) to analyze the performance of marketing campaigns. 

  • Solely contributed to the Power BI implementation at, a newspaper company.

  • Implemented web tracking strategies with Google Tag Manager to gather website data, leveraging Google Analytics for insightful user behavior analysis.

Work Showcase

Explore and engage freely with this interactive showcase dashboard, designed to spotlight my expertise in the realm of data analysis.

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In addition to GCP and Looker Studio, I excel in creating impactful Power BI dashboards. Explore my blogs for insights into the world of Power BI and enhance your data visualization skills.

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Let's Work Together

I'm always looking for creative people to vibe with.

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